Gender Identity Therapist Near Me: Here’s The Best Way To Find A Great Gender Identity Psychologist For Therapy

Struggling to figure out your gender identity? What if someone tells you that it’s okay to not conform to any label until it makes absolute sense to you? What will that make them? And, will you listen to them? Well, you have come to the right place. Today, we’ll discuss how you can find a gender identity psychologist online.

A gender identity counselor focuses on creating a stigma-free safe space for you to explore your gender identity, without having to worry about what others might think of you or how they might judge you.

Gender Dysphoria can start in early childhood, but usually manifests and intensifies during puberty, when we start developing secondary sex characteristics that, sometimes, make no sense to us.

Children are imaginative. When dealing with gender identity disorder, it’s easy for girls to imagine that they might someday grow a penis and boys to think that their testicles and penis might fall off one day to form a vagina. 

These fantasies work well for children, as they should. But, adolescents and adults know better(or worse) and have a harder time coping with the trauma that GID can cause.

The best solution for teenagers is to delay puberty and start gender identity disorder counseling as early as possible. Even adults can(and should) use gender identity therapy to deal with their trauma and safely explore their gender identity. 

Best Service for Gender Identity Counseling ~ Pride Counseling. 

If you have made up your mind about seeking gender identity disorder counseling, I have bad news for you. It isn’t as easy to find a qualified gender identity counselor as it is to decide you need one. 

Many therapists who claim to be “LGBT friendly” have no professional experience in working with transgender or gender dysphoric individuals. Sure, they have theoretical knowledge of the gender concept.

But, if I tell you that I read a hundred recipes, but never entered a kitchen in my life, would you trust me with your next meal?

Fortunately, many online services like Pride Counseling make it possible for us to consult gender identity psychologists with proven experience in working with LGBT individuals.

Pride Counseling is a subsidiary of BetterHelp, a well-known mental health service provider.

It specifically caters to individuals from the LGBT community who are struggling to express their gender identities or need help with improving the quality of their life. 

They work with a range of experts including licensed psychologists, therapists, counselors, and social workers to help LGBT individuals work through gender dysphoria and create a better life for themselves. 

All of their experts have a master’s or doctoral degree and are licensed to practice by their states. They have more than 3 years of professional experience and 1,000+ hours of hands-on experience. 

How Does Pride Counseling Work? How Can They Help You?

As I said, many in-person therapists don’t have professional experience in working with LGBT individuals. So, instead of wasting your time searching for a gender identity therapist near me, you can choose to receive quality therapy online from the comfort of your home.

With Pride Counseling, you can easily find a therapist specializing in Gender Identity Disorder.

All you really need to do is sign up on and complete a quiz about your current mental health status and preferences. 

This quiz contains 30+ questions about different areas of your life, which will help the matching engine to match you with a therapist who specializes in your specific needs.

You will then enter a virtual private room with your therapist where you can message them to check for their availability and schedule chat, phone, or video sessions with them.

Pride Counseling is a subscription-based service, which means that you will receive weekly sessions and unlimited chat support with your therapist.

Of course, you will have to pay for all four sessions of the month upfront.  

Why Is Pride Counseling Your Best Option?

Pride Counseling is an LGBT-specific service, Their experts all have proven experience working with individuals with GID.

It is the best online platform to find a gender identity psychologist or a therapist specializing in gender identity disorder. 

Their matching engine will also help you find a professional who specializes in helping people with your specific needs. 

All of their professionals specialize in gender-affirming care and can help you both understand, explore and assert your gender identity.

Because it is a subscription-based service, you will be able to receive and benefit from gender identity therapy every week.

You will also have unlimited chat support with your therapist. You can message your therapist at any time about anything. They will then get back to you between 2-3 business days, depending on their availability. 

You will also be able to use this chat room to inquire about your therapist’s availability and schedule sessions with them.

Pride Counseling also allows you to request to be re-matched with a new therapist at any point, making it one of the best platforms to find a therapist for gender identity and related issues.


Every session with your gender identity psychologist will cost around $60 to $90 depending on your location, preferences, and your therapist’s availability. 

Since Pride Counseling is a subscription-based service, you will have to pay $240-$360 every month upfront. Some qualifying individuals can also avail of financial aid.

This is much more affordable than in-person therapy. Most face-to-face therapy sessions cost around $100-$250. And, let’s be honest. Many people can’t afford to pay this amount. For them, there’s no point in looking for a” gender identity therapist near me”.

With Pride Counseling, you can receive the “help” that actually helps at affordable prices.

The only disadvantage is that most insurance providers don’t cover online therapy. 

Pride Counseling ~ Meet The Experts  

Pride Counseling has a range of experts including licensed psychologists, LMFTs, Social Workers, and counselors.

All of them have expertise in gender-affirming care. Let us introduce you to some of them:

  1. Charley Smith

Charley is an LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) with 20 years of professional experience. 

He uses a patient-centered approach to help LGBT individuals with stress, anxiety, and parenting issues that may be adding to their GID(Gender Identity Disorder).

  1. Candice Bruce

Candice is again an LCSW with 6 years of professional experience. She is licensed in Florida and specializes in dealing with relationship issues, stress, and anxiety. Many of her clients describe her as thoughtful and understanding. She focuses on creating a safe space to help her clients explore their gender identity safely and comfortably.

  1. Marisa Esparza

Marissa is a Licensed Professional Counselor(LPC) who specializes in anger management, stress, and anxiety. She is licensed in the state of Texas. 

Her clients find her patient, generous, understanding, and nonjudgmental.

Pride Counseling Alternatives 

Many platforms have similar business models as Pride Counseling and offer online and in-person services to LGBT individuals.

We, however, consider Pride Counseling as a much better place to find a therapist for gender therapy online. Being a subsidiary of BetterHelp, Pride Counseling has many more resources and many more gender identity therapists and psychologists at its disposal than other providers online. 

If, however, you aren’t happy with the services you receive, you can request to be re-matched with a new therapist as many times as you need. 

Their prices are much more affordable than face-to-face therapy.

However, pride counseling doesn’t work with individuals less than 18 years of age. So, if you are underage, you might need another service provider like Teen Counseling or Good Therapy.

Also, online therapists can’t intervene in a crisis situation.  So, if you are thinking about harming yourself or are dealing with an emergency, please consider contacting these LGBT helplines instead.

Conclusion ~ Find A Gender Identity Therapist Easily Online

It’s almost impossible to find a good “gender identity therapist near me”. Why not just try one online instead?

Pride Counseling has a range of experts you can choose from and work with at any time. Their matching engine will help you find a professional who can best help you based on your individual needs.

You can choose to stay anonymous by using a nickname and creating a fake email address to sign up with them.

You can also work with your therapist via chat, phone, or video call depending on your comfort.

All the experts at Pride Counseling specialize in proving gender-affirming care to individuals with Gender Dysphoria and Gender Identity Disorder.

At Pride Counseling, your expert will focus on providing you with a safe space to better understand yourself and your needs. They will enable you to push the boundaries of your assigned gender until you find an identity that best describes and empowers you.

Their subscription-based model will help you have access to professional help at all times.

When dealing with GID, it is important that you seek professional help as early in life as possible. While Pride Counseling doesn’t offer diagnoses and prescriptions, including hormone therapy, they can help you improve the quality of your life tenfold.