Non Binary Therapist Review: How To Find A Good Non Binary Gender Therapist Near Me?

Being a non binary or gender-queer individual is complicated enough. You don’t need an unqualified and inexperienced therapist adding to the mess you are dealing with. But, how can you find a non binary gender therapist?

Do you just google “non binary therapist near me”? Or, is there something more to it?

Therapists who work predominantly with cisgender individuals might not always understand your need to explore and push the boundaries of gender-related concepts.

They may assume that choosing a label will put an end to your misery as if pronouns are all that matter to you. 

It is incredibly difficult to find a non binary psychologist who sees you for who you really are and validates your experiences.

But, how can you find one?

Instead of looking for a “non binary therapist near me”, why not try online therapy?

Pride-Counseling: Non Binary Therapy Has Never Been More Comfortable

As I mentioned, finding a therapist who specializes in LGBT psychology is an uphill battle.

Lucky for us, Pride Counseling makes this process so much easier and simpler.

After you sign up with them, their algorithm will help you find a non binary therapist who can best serve, assist and empower you to be who you really are.

During the sign-up process, you will have to complete a quiz that will confirm your name and identity, and elicit information about your emotional, physical, and sexual health, history & preferences.

It will help them match you with a therapist who will sympathize with you, understands your needs, and recognizes your gender identity.

How Can Pride Counseling Help You? How Does It Work?

Pride Counseling is a gender-affirmative initiative of BetterHelp. 

When you sign up with them, they ask you to complete a fairly long quiz, through which they elicit information about your physical, emotional, and sexual health and well-being.

The algorithm then matches you with a non binary gender therapist based on your individual needs and preferences.

Therapists for non binary individuals should be mindful of their personal biases and beliefs about gender.

While in-person therapy is the best help you can get for any mental health-related issue, searching for “non binary therapists near me” significantly limits your option.

Online therapy offers you a chance to carefully choose the therapist that you think understands and supports you the best.

With Pride Counseling, you can easily choose from dozens of non binary therapists and psychologists.

Their algorithm will also help you find a therapist who recognizes and empathizes with your background. 

However, if you are uncomfortable with them, you can change your therapist at any time.

Pride Counseling offers you a cheaper, more convenient, and comfortable way to receive the help you need and deserve. 

Why Trust Pride Counseling? 

Whether you need help with coming out to your friends or learning to best express yourself, a therapist for a non binary individual should understand the impact of the environment (marginalization, bullying, and a lack of support) on their mindset.

It, however, is not always possible with in-person therapists.

Pride counseling allows you to choose from dozens of non binary therapists who specialize in gender-affirmative therapy.

They will help you explore the gender spectrum both safely and comfortably. Their gender therapists will see you for who you really are and create space for you to find your authentic self.

The online nature of therapy at Pride Counseling offers you several advantages over the in-person one because:

  1. You can contact your therapist via phone, video, or text.
  2. You can choose to stay anonymous by using your nickname as the username.
  3. You can message your therapist at any time of the day, who will get back to you as soon as possible.
  4. Online therapy is much more affordable than in-person sessions. 

Pride Counseling allows you to book sessions with your therapist at any time of the day. You can also communicate with the non binary therapists in different time zones if it better suits your schedule.

The main aim of the therapists at Pride Counseling is to help you improve the quality of your life.

Please note that they don’t offer diagnoses for any mental health conditions or disorders you may be struggling with.

Is Online Therapy As Good As In-Person Therapy?

The purpose of non binary therapy online is to help you feel supported while you navigate the gender spectrum and push the boundaries of the traditional gender roles.

Online non binary therapy will also help you cope with issues like depression and anxiety. It will create space for you to understand and affirm your physical, emotional, and sexual needs as a genderqueer or non binary individual.

There is no doubt that it will significantly improve the quality of your life. 

However, in-person therapy should be your only choice if your goal is to receive a thorough evaluation of your current mental state.

Psychological assessments conducted online can’t possibly be accurate.

Recognizing the limitation of online therapy, the non binary therapists at Pride Counseling neither diagnose psychological anomalies or disorders nor prescribe medications for any existing condition. 


The price of a therapy session usually depends on your location and your therapist’s availability.

Online counseling, however, is glaringly more affordable than in-person sessions with a therapist.

In-person therapy can cost anywhere between $70 to $200. The exact price will vary from therapist to therapist. 

With Pride Counseling, however, each session will cost around $60 to $90, billed monthly. 

This is one of the best advantages of online therapy. 

It is rare for a genderqueer individual to live a privileged life. Pride Counseling makes “help” not only affordable but also accessible to individuals from the weaker section of society. 


Pride counseling is one of the premium platforms for non binary therapy. 

Gender is not just about labels or pronouns. It is not even about your identity. It is an experience that you have a right to choose. The concept of gender allows you to express your role in the life of the people you love and the society at large, not the other way around.

Therapists for non binary individuals should empower them to explore their psychosexual needs, without being held back by society. 

Humans use labels to express themselves. Labels don’t and shouldn’t get to define us.

With pride counseling, you can easily find a non binary gender therapist who will help you explore and express yourself without letting gender-binary norms and belief systems hold you back.