Transgender Couples Therapy. Find The Best Counseling For Any Trans Couples

Years after Gender Identity Disorder was removed from DSM -5, coming out or transitioning for a trans individual is still not easy. For a couple, it can either make or break the relationship. But, with transgender couples therapy, your marriage may still have a chance.

Trans Couples Therapy can help both you and your partner welcome a new paradigm and say goodbye to the old one.  

However, transitioning is not the only thing that an LGBT couple may need help with. Transgender couple therapy can also help you address other issues like sexual orientation, fertility, finances, and raising children. 

In this type of therapy, your therapist needs to be mindful of the impact of your gender identity and minority status on the relationship dynamics between you and your partner.

Best Service for Transgender Couples Therapy – Pride Counseling

Pride Counseling is an initiative by BetterHelp to help transgender couples navigate various nuances in their relationships. 

With pride counseling, you can learn to create an environment that is healthy and accepting of both your and your partner’s gender identity and sexual orientation.

How it works

With their competent and open-minded therapists and counselors, Pride counseling is one of the best online platforms for transgender couples therapy. 

When you sign up on their website, Pride Counseling will match you with a therapist based on an extensive quiz. 

This therapist will help you be more empathetic to yourself while navigating the challenges you are dealing with right now.

Please note that your therapist’s goal is to help you transition to a better relationship dynamic. They will neither use diagnosis nor prescriptions. 

Pride counseling enables you to contact your therapist via text, video, and phone calls.

Why is Pride Counseling your best option?

Relationships don’t just last because they are meant to. They last when and if both the partners are willing to work on it.

Trans couple therapy with Pride Counseling can help you have a healthy relationship- one that understands, supports and empowers your needs. Their therapists will help you negotiate with your partner and create a win-win situation for both of you.

All the therapists at pride counseling specialize in LGBT therapy. They have extensive experience in mending the relationships of non-binary couples. 

You must be wondering if online transgender couples therapy is equivalent to in-person therapy.

If you have uninterrupted access to the internet, online trans couple therapy will help you

  • Get help at an affordable price
  • Get matched to a therapist based on your individual needs
  • Stay anonymous(if you are not ready to come out to the world)


In-person transgender couples therapy can cost $100-250 per session, depending on your therapist and their work experience. 

However, many trans couples may not be able to pay $300 upfront.

The amount you will have to pay at pride counseling will depend on your location, preferences, and the availability of your therapist.

In general, you can expect a fee of $60 to $90 every week, which will be billed on a monthly basis.


Whether you need help with coming out to your cis partner or navigating a midlife crisis as a non-binary couple, trans couple therapy can save you a lot of time and energy.

It can also help you and your partner deal with the grief, loss, and betrayal associated with transitioning to new gender roles.

Pride Counseling can help you work with competent and respectful therapists, psychologists, and social activists at affordable prices.  Their aim is to make transgender couples therapy both convenient and comfortable.


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